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Education Requirements

To be eligible for Deferred Action, one must be in school or have graduated from High School. High School diploma will satisfy this requirement. In the alternative, the applicant may take GED and attach a copy of the GED Certificate to the Deferred Action application. Students who are enrolled in High School should enclose proof of enrollment. U.S. Army or Coast Guard veterans who have been honorably discharged are not required to meet the education requirement for Deferred Action.

Education requirement can be satisfied by enrolling in school. The educational program must be aimed at helping students obtain a High School Diploma, a GED certificate, or an equivalent certificate recognized in your state.

Vocational training program or ESL classes can help meet the educational requirement if the program or classes prepare for placement in post-secondary educational program, job placement or training. The applicant will have to attach proof of enrollment and attendance of a vocational training program or ESL classes, proof that these classes are aimed at placement in a post-secondary education program, job placement or training, and that the applicant is in fact working on enrolling into a post-secondary education program, job placement or receiving professional training. In addition, the applicant will have to prove that this program is funded by the state or federal government, and if a program or classes are private, the applicant will have to prove that it is a program of demonstrated efficiency.

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