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Nelly Allen Gabueva pretends to be an attorney

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 Nelly Allen Gabueva pretended to be an attorney

Nelly Allen GabuevaNelly Allen Gabueva has been practicing law without a license for years in San Francisco, California.

Years ago, she was kicked out of the San Francisco asylum office where she attended interviews as an interpreter. However, it did not not stop her. Nelly Allen Gabueva began appearing at asylum interviews as an attorney with a fake license.

After our complaint to the California Bar Association, her case was sent to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office. Investigation has been completed. We notified the San Francisco Asylum Office. They conducted an internal investigation. The City Attorney of San Francisco also became interested in this case. As a result, San Francisco Superior Court judge granted petition of the California Bar Association. Gabueva’s illegal practice got seized by the State Bar. Clients’ files are now being returned to them.

Nelly Allen Gabueva got an LLM but never passed a Bar exam

Nelly Allen Gabueva and Marina Nazarova completed a one-year master’s program at the Golden Gate University in San Francisco in 2006. Their names can be found in this university document. Judging by the fact that none of them have an attorney license in the United States, they have not passed the Bar exam.

Nelly Allen Gabueva and Marina Nazarova did not despair. They decided that they didn’t need a license at all to practice immigration law in the United States. In 2014, the two of them registered an organization, which Nelly Allen Gabueva calls Alien Assistance Association, PBC.

The founder was Nelly Allen Gabueva herself. Marina Nazarova became the agent for service of process. On corporate documents that Nelly Allen Gabueva submits to the Secretary of the State of California, she calls herself a JD and a master of law.

The office is at 388 Market, Office 1300, San Francisco, California 94111. At the same time, on their website they use the name of another organization – International Law Group. In short, they call it iLawGroup, LLP.

iLawGroup seal of Nelly Allen Gabueva

Nelly Allen Gabueva illegally used corporate entities to practice law without license

Nelly Allen Gabueva puts the seal of this organization on her contracts with clients. The seal reads that iLawGroup, LLP was registered in Tbilisi, in Georgia, in 2014. What this seal and organization is doing in California is not clear. It is also not clear why the seal is in English, and not in Georgian.

When I presented copies of receipt and the contract to Nelly Allen Gabueva, she said that my client had stolen the seal with her file, forged the signature, and did not pay any money to her at all. Moreover, Nelly Allen Gabueva claims that her organization is a nonprofit and does not take money for its work.

This lady is such a liar that she began to contradict herself. At first, she claimed that my client had come to her office to make a payment. Allegedly, my client took advantage of the lack of employees in the office, stole her file folder and ran away.

Further, her story changed. Nelly Allen Gabueva began to argue that she always receives payments through bank deposits. Allegedly, she did not accept cash in the office. Then she began to deny that her supposedly “non-profit” organization was taking money from clients.

The client showed me her correspondence with Nelly Allen Gabueva, where the latter asked her for money.

In her contracts with clients, Nelly Allen Gabueva states that she is an attorney.

Under the asterisk below, in a contract with my client, Nelly Allen Gabueva writes that she has the right to practice law in Russia and has applied to seat for New York Bar exam. In the US, one can not practice law without a license.

It is not enough to be a lawyer in another country, for example, Russia, or to apply for a Bar exam. Before signing a contract with a client, one needs to pass a licensing exam and obtain an attorney’s license in at least one of the fifty US states. Obviously, Nelly Allen Gabueva does not have a license and never had one.

Here is the contract Nelly Allen Gabueva signs with her customers. Click on the image to view full size. I removed all personal client information from these documents to maintain confidentiality.

Nelly Allen Gabueva used a fake license to represent immigrants

When I asked Nelly Allen Gabueva in an e-mail about her license in the USA, she gave me the number 1031567. She said that it was her membership number in the New York City Bar. New York City Bar Association is a club for law students and legal practitioners. In itself, this membership in no way allows to engage in the practice of law in the United States. The Secretary of the New York City Bar Association confirmed this fact by telephone.

However, Nelly Allen writes this number on the G-28 form and submits it to USCIS in order to represent clients at asylum interviews. For a while she succeeded, until San Francisco Asylum Office revealed her fraud at an interview. Nelly Allen was expelled from the interview, and the client was asked for a long time about how he found her. Obviously, the San Francisco Asylum Office will no reopen other asylum cases that this crook submitted to USCIS.

4 thoughts on “Nelly Allen Gabueva pretends to be an attorney


    Andrey, you are very sick in your mind and acting like you superior, in the way that only you who passed the Cal bar, you special, you graduated from the Berkley. You have special important skills, while in reality you are bully and coward who try to prey on certain people. In the end you are the one who get humiliated Karma.
    You weak and full of pain you gain satisfaction from inflicting the same pain on others. By tearing down others, you labor under delusion that you building yourself up. You getting off on hurting people for the grim satisfaction of it.
    Do you consider yourself as a defender of others? You are an attorney, advocate for others rights and freedoms?
    Shame on you!

    • Nelly, I hope you understand that by calling me names and not addressing the substance of the matter you are implicitly confirming all of the allegations about you in the article above.
      I do not feel superior at all. Any person can go to law school, pass the Bar, and practice immigration law. These people are not superior to you, they are just licensed attorneys doing their job. You decided to circumvent the law and take a shortcut, which is illegal, and you are now facing the consequences.
      You are right that I am attacking “certain people.” We call these certain people “notarios” or “people practicing law without a license.” By doing so I protect the victims of your unlawful activity and the public in general.
      You took $4,000 from my client and lied to her that you are a licensed attorney. This is a crime of fraud that is now being investigated.
      I understand that you may think that I am the source of all of your troubles, but this is not the case. You made a choice to lie to immigrants, it was your choice to take their money under false pretenses. You are the perpetrator of the crime of fraud, you are not a victim of bullying. I am sorry that you feel hurt and I can give you a hug if that helps you feel better. However, you will still have to pay for your crimes and return to people what does not belong to you.
      Thank you for your concern about my karma. If my karma suffers any damage from my actions to expose your scheme of fraud, my karma will definitely improve when unwary immigrants do not become your victims.
      In the meantime, let me quote the words of Mr. John Van Voris from the Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection that I received in response to my New York State Bar complaint filed against you. I am providing this quote in response to your question about who I defend and who I advocate for.
      “We have received your letter and appreciate your alerting us to this matter. We have added the information to our files. It is through complaints such as yours that we learn of patterns of fraud and illegality. The information may also help us in assisting other consumers.
      On behalf of Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood, thank you for your concern.
      Very truly yours,
      John Van Voris
      Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection”


    There is no need to bark on the wrong tree, You blow everything out of proportion, and acting in the disregard of the truth.

    Andrei Romanenko responds to Nelly Allen Gabueva:
    Sorry, Nelly, but your comment is so long that I will have to respond within. I am tired of your lies. Your story keeps changing as you go.

    I, Nelly Allen, being duly sworn, state that:
    1. I received an LLM in international law at Golden Gate University School of law in 2011. My major field was Intra-State Conflicts Resolution and Peace Building. The theories of intra state conflicts and international practices of resolving them at the very basic level. I concentrated on the sources and causes of conflicts, successful resolution practices, ongoing conflicts, peace building, relevant international law and role of international and regional organizations in resolving intra state conflicts.
    2. I received LLM in U.S. Legal System in the same University in 2007 and received Jurist Doctor degree from NOSU -university in 1990. I was admitted to the International Bar committee of Saint Petersburg, Russia from 1990 and to the Coalition of Counsellor of Law of Georgian Republic in 1991. As a foreign educated attorney I registered with CA and NY State Bar Associations and recently applied for the recognition and accreditation from the Executive Office of Immigration Review, Board of Immigration Appeal as a representative for Alien Assistance Association, a non-profit corporation registered with the S.O.S. Office in California under the file number C3716512 that was formed on 10/03/2014.

    Andrei Romanenko responds to Nelly Allen Gabueva:
    Thank you Nelly for letting us know of your application with EOIR and BIA. I will forward our fraud complaint straight to EOIR and BIA along with the responses from California and New York Bar Associations. Both responses confirm that you are not registered with either Bar Association.

    3. I am the author of several published articles on antisemitism, racism, hate groups and other human rights abuses in the former soviet union republics. I have been quoted as an expert on these issues in several publications, including: Jurist magazine, Verdict, Gavel, East-West journal as well as in numerous other Jewish and Russian media sources. I have given lectures at several academic conferences.

    Andrei Romanenko responds to Nelly Allen Gabueva:
    Why don’t you give us the links to your works? There is no mentioning of your name anywhere online. Isn’t it odd that an expert of such magnitude does not appear in any google search in any language?

    4. Since August 1993, I have been a Research and Advocacy Director at IUSP: International Union Of Social Protection and Human Rights Defense in Russia, specifically concentrated on the North Caucasus area where I was born and raised. I have been monitoring human rights violations and other forms of hate crime. I gather, translate, analyze and disseminate information on antisemitism, ethnic and religious persecution to the general public and official organizations as well as to the federal agency of migration service. I wrote many reports to represent hate crime victims and survivals of torture. I witnessed several intra-ethnic conflicts, manifestation of religious intolerance in the North Caucasus Area and other parts of former soviet union.

    Andrei Romanenko responds to Nelly Allen Gabueva:
    Does IUSP even have a webpage? Where can we find your numerous translations and reports? Google does not seem to know you…

    5. My organization is the leading source of information on human rights violations, antisemitism and religious freedom abuses in the former soviet union countries.

    Andrei Romanenko responds to Nelly Allen Gabueva:
    Which one of your organizations is the leading source? Alien Assistance Association PBC? You removed the information about JDs and LLMs practicing law from your website at Now it says something about art law and intellectual property. I didn’t find any expertise in art law or intellectual property in your credentials above. You are not licensed to practice any kind of law in the United States.

    6. I am fluent in English and have native fluency in Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Spanish, Ossetian, Georgian and Armenian languages.

    Andrei Romanenko responds to Nelly Allen Gabueva:
    Interesting. I would like to hear your Spanish and Polish. Luckily, I speak both of these languages.

    7. In addition to scanning through hundreds of newspapers and web sites daily and using a variety of databases and the Internet, I am in contact with monitors in several former soviet union republics, connected to a network of human rights activists based in over 70 cities who are charged under a European Commission Grant with monitoring racism, antisemitism and religious discrimination. These activities keep me up to date on threats facing minority communities throughout the former soviet union territory. In addition, I regularly read media reports and reports put out by other human rights organizations working on issues such as police torture, prison conditions, and other human rights issues. As an advocate for ethnic and religious minorities victimized by hate crimes, I regularly report on related issues of corruption and torture in the justice systems of CIS (Coalition of Independent States).

    Andrei Romanenko responds to Nelly Allen Gabueva:
    Nelly, you would be the first and the last expert out there on the Coalition of Independent States. There is no such Coalition in existence and there has never been! Keep inventing organizations and coalitions.

    8. I have been requested by the applicant who is your client now to serve as an expert in her case and full fill the request for materials supporting her claim Pro Bono. The opinions contained in an affidavit are mine, based on my work for IUSP, Human Rights Defense organization and Alien Assistance Association – the Public Benefit Corporation.

    Andrei Romanenko responds to Nelly Allen Gabueva:
    Nelly, not so long ago you wrote to me in an e-mail that my client owed you money and she was coming to your office to make another payment. How about the contract she signed with you, the receipt for payment that you gave her, and asylum application that you filed for her with a fake Bar number on your form G-28? You charge thousands of dollars for your pro bono services.

    It should be noted that New York Court of Appeal for Admission for Attorneys and Counselors at Law § 520.16 Pro Bono Requirement for Bar Admission as a pre condition before admission.
    (a) (b)
    (1) assists in the provision of legal services without charge for
    (i) (ii) (iii) (2) (3)
    (c) Supervision required. All qualifying pre-admission pro bono work must be performed under the supervision of: (1) (2) an attorney admitted to practice and in good standing in a jurisdiction;

    Andrei Romanenko responds to Nelly Allen Gabueva:
    Nelly, you told me that you have a contract with a licensed attorney. I contacted the attorney you named. She said she had nothing to do with you or with your organization. Is that the attorney supervising your “pro bono” services?

    (3) (d) (e) (f) (g)
    I don’t thing that it is equal to to the” notario” classification that you trying to impose and this is a clear lie on your part that I am under criminal investigation of any sort.

    Andrei Romanenko responds to Nelly Allen Gabueva:
    Nelly, I have proof for every word of mine. If you call me a liar, I suggest that you sue me for slander. You are a notario, charging immigrants thousands of dollars for preparing asylum applications. You are not qualified to do this type of work. You have neither knowledge nor license. You are a liar. You were kicked out of the asylum office. Now you are pointing to a New York statute while practicing law without a license in the State of California. You have caused psychological trauma to my client.

  • Nelly Allen , JD.,LLM

    I am not telling you stories. You just don’t want to give me a fair shake.

    Andrei Romanenko responds to Nelly Allen Gabueva: Nelly, you are a proven liar. You’ve had a chance to present whatever proof you had. You’ve made up more lies instead.

    You collaborating on support of your client fraudulent claim, lies and accusations without any grounds.

    Andrei Romanenko responds to Nelly Allen Gabueva: My client does not have a motive to lie. She is not gaining anything here. Nelly Allen Gabueva, however, has the motive to lie to cover up her fraud and practice of law without a license.

    [redacted slander by Nelly Allen Gabueva] students from Belorussia [more slander from Nelly Allen Gabueva]

    Andrei Romanenko responds to Nelly Allen Gabueva: Nelly, you are not getting my message. If you want more troubles than you already have, then continue slandering me. I will have to sue you. I suggest that you seek legal advise before you publish any slander like the one that I had to redact above. And Belorussia, really? Are you making up names of countries or did you get stuck in the past century? Although, why am I even surprised? Nelly is claiming to be an “expert” on the non-existent “Coalition” of Independent States… She’s “scanning through hundreds of newspaper articles and web sites daily.” Those articles must be really old if she spells Belarus as Belorussia.

    I never was kicked out from the asylum office – this is your blatant lie. I never represented any one without a licensed attorney.

    Andrei Romanenko responds to Nelly Allen Gabueva: Yes, you were. Your client has shared your kick out experience with others.

    In any respect I should not report to you anything about myself, you nobody to judge me. You must remove this all until you accusation would be proven on its face beyond the reasonable doubt since you accusing me of criminal conduct.

    Andrei Romanenko responds to Nelly Allen Gabueva: You are saying that I am nobody to judge you and at the same time you are urging me to prove the allegations… So should I judge you or should I not?
    I suggest that you study the legal standards. “On its face standard” is way different from “beyond the reasonable doubt.” There is no place for these two legal standards in one sentence.


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