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Often, American notaries refuse to certify documents in a foreign language that they cannot read. Russian notary in San Francisco, California, Andrei Romanenko is fluent in Russian, Belarusian, Polish, English, Spanish. In addition, he reads documents in Ukrainian, Japanese and Portuguese. This allows us to freely certify documents written in these languages.

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Russian notary in San Francisco, California, provides any kind of notary services. With our help, you can draw up any type of power of attorney, permission, certificate, consent for the travel of your child and many other documents.

In addition, we provide notarized copies of legal documents, we help obtain an apostille from the Secretary of State of California.

apostille of documents

Apostille is a way to legalize documents accepted by international law. Namely, documents issued in one country for their use in another country. The international legal act regulating the legalization of personal documents by means of apostille is the Hague Convention, signed on May 5, 1961 in Hague.

The Convention is open for accession by countries that desire it. As a result, in accordance with the Hague Convention, the participating countries adopt in their territories the rules on a simplified procedure for confirming the legality of documents by using an apostille. So, by now, there are about 135 countries that are parties to the 1961 Hague Convention. For example, among them are such countries as France, USA, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands.

The cost and the list of documents certified by a Russian notary in San Francisco, California

For retired people from Russia and Ukraine living in the United States, Russian notary in San Francisco prepares certificates proving that they are alive.
As a rule, such a certificate must be provided at the beginning of each year. Otherwise, the issuance of pension is suspended.

Russian notary public in San Francisco, CaliforniaLike any other notary in the state of California, Russian notary in San Francisco charges $15 for notarizing one signature.

An approximate list of documents:

– notarization of power of attorney;
– notarizing invitations;
– notarization of consents and permits;
– notarizing translations;
– rejection of inheritance and privatization – notarization;
– notarization of transactions;
– notarization of the prenuptual contract;
– certification of the fact that a citizen is in a certain place;
– certification of the fact that the citizen is alive;
– obtaining the Apostille and the seal of the State of California.

The specified list of documents to be certified is approximate. Also, notarization can be performed for other lawful actions. Please consult us about your issue, and we will definitely help you.

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