San Francisco I-9 verification notary

San Francisco I-9 verification notary

San Francisco I-9 verification can be done by an immigration attorney or a bonded immigration consultant. In states other than California notary public can do I-9 verification. In California notary public cannot sign form I-9, unless the notary is also an attorney or a bonded immigration consultant.

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Andrei Romanenko is a California licensed attorney and a notary public. We can do I-9 verification in San Francisco and in Oakland, California. 

What is I-9 verification?

Form I-9 is an immigration form verifying that prospective employee can accept employment in the U.S. Every employer must prepare and keep form I-9 for every employee. Failure to do so may result in fines. Usually, HR will do this when hiring a new employee. However, when hiring to work remotely, it does not make sense for the employee to fly and do I-9 verification on site.

Immigration attorney can serve as an agent of employer and sign I-9 on employer’s behalf. There is no need to notarize the signature when doing I-9 verification. 

I-9 verification problems

Employers from other states are in the habit of sending employees to a notary public for I-9 verification. California is an exception. The Secretary of State of California does not permit notaries to sign any forms other than Jurats and Acknowledgments. Therefore, an employee finds himself in a situation where notaries decline to sign I-9 forms in California. There are not so many bonded immigration consultant who can help. Immigration attorneys are hard to reach on the phone. Many attorneys have no experience with I-9 verification. 

How San Francisco I-9 verification notary can help

We have experience with San Francisco I-9 verification. Our law office can do it fast and efficiently. We need to get an e-mail from the HR of prospective employer. The HR should designate attorney Andrei Romanenko as their agent for I-9 verification. Thereafter, we schedule a personal meeting with the employee. We need to check the evidence of eligibility for employment and sign the form with the employee. Usually, our I-9 verification takes less time than it takes an employee to find a person who can do it for them. If you have interest in San Francisco I-9 verification, please e-mail or call us at 415-997-8144 to schedule an appointment. We can also process I-9 verification in Oakland, California. 

Form I-9 for review and download

Instructions on how to prepare form I-9

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