Consultation with immigration lawyer

The cost of initial consultation with immigration lawyer in San Francisco

We are open Monday through Friday by appointment only from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Skype consultation with immigration lawyer in San Francisco can be scheduled for a weekday or Saturday or Sunday.

The calendar below shows the appointments already taken. Please find an empty slot and call to schedule an appointment. Our time in San Francisco right now: 16:24

We charge $200 for an initial consultation with immigration lawyer in San Francisco in office or by Skype. Initial consultation usually goes for up to half an hour. If the client later has some follow up questions, the immigration lawyer will address the questions in writing by e-mail without additional charge. 

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Presently we don’t offer any free initial consultations. 

Payment options for a consultation with an immigration lawyer in San Francisco

We accept cash payments for consultations with the immigration lawyer in office. Also, we accept all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. We cannot accept Visa Electron.

Payment options for a Skype consultation

We will need a prepayment for a Skype consultation with immigration lawyer in San Francisco. We will accept the payment when we schedule the day and time of the consultation.

кредитные карты

Immigration lawyer in San Francisco will need the following information to accept a credit or debit card payment over skype: 

  1. Sixteen digit number of the credit or debit card
  2. The expiration date of the card
  3. CVV code (three digits on the back of the card on the signature panel)
  4. Your billing zip code

We are using Square to take your credit card payment. For security reasons we do not save your credit card information after taking the payment. You can also follow this link to make a credit card payment by Wave. 

Your credit card statement will show a charge for $200 and the name of the immigration lawyer. 


For a payment by PayPal or Venmo, the immigration lawyer will provide you with an e-mail address connected to his PayPal account or Venmo id during the Skype call.

Western Union and MoneyGram

Consultation with immigration lawyer in San Francisco Western Union

In rare cases when a client does not have a credit card or a PayPal account, the immigration lawyer will accept a wire transfer of $200 through MoneyGram. Unfortunately, Western Union is no longer an option.

Please contact the immigration lawyer in advance for the information required for the wire transfer. You will need to give us an MTCN before we schedule a Skype consultation. 


5 thoughts on “Consultation with immigration lawyer

  • Roman Aleksandrenko

    1. I’m a permanent resident
    2. Married to a non-resident, filed only I-130 (8 months ago)
    3. In California center processing times 23-29 months
    4. Question: what’s the best way to get Employment Authorization sooner?

    I’m available on the following time slots:
    1. Monday,1 and 4pm
    2. Tuesday, 11-1, after 4:30pm
    3. Wed, flexible

  • Fernando


    We would like to schedule an appointment with Andrei Romanenko. I tried through the website however after do the reCAPTCHA the calendar does not appear.

    How can I schedule?

    If is easier for you please reply this email with the link for payment. Can be ASAP.




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