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We provide accurate word-for-word translation of documents from Russian and Spanish into English by a professional certified translator. Our translations visually match the format of the original documents. We translate the documents entirely including seals and signatures. Every document translated will be checked by an immigration attorney in San Francisco. Please use the form on the right to contact us and order translation of documents. You can e-mail the documents that require translation from the Russian or Spanish languages.

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We charge $30 per page for translation of documents. There is no minimum charge for the job. We count one page as 1,800 symbols including spaces in the resulting document. Expedited translation services are available for additional fee.

Where translation of documents is required?

Any foreign language document offered by a party in a proceeding shall be accompanied by an English language translation. A certification signed by the translator must be printed legibly or typed and follow the translation. Such certification must include a statement that the translator is competent to translate the document, and that the translation is true and accurate to the best of the translator’s abilities. 8 C.F.R. § 1003.33.

Certified translation of documents is needed for the following documents when submitted to USCIS:

  • Identity and relationship
    • Birth certificate, baptism certificate, identity certificate, family registers/books
    • Certificate of change of name
    • Marriage certificate or other acceptable alternative
    • Divorce certificate or affidavit
    • Death certificate
    • Custody documents
    • Passport does not need translation if the passport is both in English and Russian or Spanish
  • Miscellaneous
    • Driver’s license
    • Police certificate
    • Medical certificate/report 
    • Vaccination certificate
  • Education
    • School certificates 
    • Transcript of academic record
    • Diploma
  • Employment
    • Employment letters
    • References
    • Letters of recommendation

Important tips for an accurate translation of documents:

  • Translation must visually match the format of the original document. The stamps and signatures on the translation of documents must appear on the same spot as on the original document.
  • Translation of documents must be complete: all seals and signatures must be translated. If some element is illegible on the original document, the translation of documents must explicitly say so.
  • Translation of documents submitted to USCIS does not have to be notarized. However, translation of documents need to be accompanied by a certificate of translation.

Can you do translation of documents yourself?

If you are fluent in English and the language of the document, you can translate the documents yourself and include a certificate of translation. A sample certificate of translation is provided below.

Certificate of translation

I, Andrei Romanenko, am a certified court interpreter in California, I am competent to translate from Russian into English, and certify that the translation of birth certificate is true and correct to the best of my abilities.

        /signature/                                                      /date/

Andrei Romanenko
500 Sutter 823
San Francisco, California 94102

Below is an example of word-for-word translation of a document from Russian into English. 

translation of documents
translation of documents in San Francisco from Russian
translation of documents
translation of documents in San Francisco

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  • Inna Nikolskaia

    I need to make an official translation of my night school diploma from Russian to English. It’s only the first page, without the description of subjects. What would be the price and terms of this work at your office?

    • It will be $25. Please e-mail us the document in pdf and lets schedule the time to come to pick up the certified translation.


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