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How to participate in the Lottery?

The Department of State will only accept completed entry forms submitted electronically at during the registration period. All entries by an individual will be disqualified if more than ONE entry for that individual is received, regardless of who submitted the entry. You may prepare and submit your own entry or  have someone submit the entry for you. There are NO COSTS or FEES to register. 

A registered entry that complies with submission instructions will result in a confirmation screen containing your name and a unique confirmation number. You must print this confirmation screen for your records using the print function of your web browser and ensure that you retain your confirmation number. In May you will be able to check the status of your entry by returning to, clicking on Entrant Status Check, and entering your unique confirmation number and personal information. Entrant Status Check will be the sole means of informing you of your selection. Therefore, it is essential you retain your confirmation number.

  • Paper entries are no longer accepted. The sole method for entry to the Diversity Visa Program is through this electronic process.

On your entry, you must list your spouse (husband or wife), and all living unmarried children under 21 years of age, regardless of whether or not they are living with you or intend to accompany or follow to join you should you immigrate to the United States, with the exception of children who are already U.S. citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents. Failure to comply with this instruction can result in the disqualification of your entry.

  • It is very important that you submit all required photographs. Your entry will be disqualified if you do not submit all the required photographs. Recent photographs of the following people must be submitted electronically with the E-DV entry form:
    • You
    • Your spouse
    • Each living unmarried child under 21 years of age at the time of your electronic entry, including all natural children as well as all legally adopted children and stepchildren, even if a child no longer resides with you or you do not intend for a child to immigrate under the DV program.
    • You do not need to include a photograph for a spouse or child who is already a U.S. citizen or a Lawful Permanent Resident.

Failure to submit the required photographs for your spouse and each child listed will result in an incomplete entry. The entry will not be accepted and must be resubmitted. Group or family photographs will not be accepted; there must be a separate photograph for each family member.

Failure to enter the correct photograph of each individual into the system may result in disqualification of the principal applicant and refusal of all visas associated with the case at the time of the visa interview. Entries are subject to disqualification and visa refusal for cases in which the photographs are not recent, show manipulation in any way, or fail to meet the specifications explained below.

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