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There are eight Asylum Offices in the United States. Asylum Offices have jurisdiction over a particular case based on the physical address of the applicant. Asylum Office Locator will help you select the right one.

Asylum Office Locator by zip code or state

Enter the zip code of your physical address in the United States below in the field “Enter your ZIP code” to determine which Asylum Office will have jurisdiction over your asylum case. 

Some states such as California are serviced by several Asylum Offices. By selecting your state in the field “Choose your state from the list” below or by selecting your state on the map you may not get the precise answer as if you go by the zip code.

Abbreviations and links to the web pages of Asylum Offices

Receipt numbers in asylum cases start with three letters. We will decipher the first three letters in receipts for asylum cases below and provide links to the web pages of the eight Asylum Offices in the United States.

ZAR – Arlington Asylum Office;
ZCH – Chicago Asylum Office;
ZHN – Houston Asylum Office;
ZLA – Los Angeles Asylum Office;
ZMI – Miami Asylum Office;
ZNK – Newark Asylum Office;
ZNY – New York Asylum Office;
ZSF – San Francisco Asylum Office;

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